If you are interested in fostering on a short-term (1-4 weeks) or long term (up to six months) basis, please contact us at petoftheweek@sdlocals.com. Fostering is a great way to find your perfect four-legged match if you are looking to adopt. If you are not looking to adopt, it is a wonderful volunteer opportunity. It is one of the best ways to give back to the animals some of the endless love they give to us. Please contact us ASAP!


Your Choice to Adopt Makes a World of Difference

Wonderful animals are being euthanized or are living in terrible conditions around the world due to pet overpopulation. All it takes is for people to make the responsible choice to adopt and spay/neuter their pets and it would solve the problem of pet overpopulation. The video below shows how dogs in our own backyard (Tijuana) are living.




San Diego Adoption Event Listings

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